Thursday, January 26, 2012

Things to come..

First off, I know I neglect my blog. It's something I'm just not the best at yet. Have time, getting creative, and actually posting something are not high on my priority list. However, I plan on changing this! I am hoping to post a blog after every photoshoot I do. Make the blog personal and pull myself and what I do into it, as well as show off my work.

I am also looking into new blog hosts. There is not much I can do with blogger to "personalize" it. After keeping up with many other blogging photographers, one couple's blog inspired me. I want my blogs to be as "lively" as theirs. Bobbie+Mike are some of the coolest photographers I have found. You can see their personality in their photos and blog postings. So look forward to seeing more blogs from me, inspired by them.

One thing I am EXTREMELY excited about this weekend is a fun photoshoot with 3 girls! Yes, 3 girls. This will be interesting. Now only are there 3 girls, but the ages differ significantly! I know this will be a challenge, but a good one! I am planning on shooting this by a old train depo and rail tracks. If I get time I am hoping to fun to the store and pick up some props even (depends on if I ever get time to!).

I am hoping that within a week I will have these photos up, as well as a fun blog to go with them! I'll be posting what I learned and about the client.

Until then, visit my facebook photography page and wish me luck!

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